Arts & Events: BADASS Exhibition

Rene Garcia Jr.

Ali by: Rene Garcia Jr., glitter on wood, 2005

By: Aleksandra Bulatskaya

Glitter isn’t just for 12-year-old schoolgirls anymore, as Rene Garcia Jr.’s new BADASS exhibition at Project One in San Francisco showcases a grand reimagination of pop art through unapologetically sparkling works.

Known for an artistic style that exudes optimism and self-described, “badassery” Garcia is inspired by the work of early pop art masters. Unlike some artists that create for themselves, Garcia’s work caters to the audience. The glittering Marilyn and Muhammad Ali illustrations play on pop culture obsessions and give an all around tribute to all things fabulous.

Prepare for a trip down a dazzling rabbit hole with Garcia’s new BADASS exhibition, that showcases his new collection of glittering iconography. You may have the urge to dust off the old Beddazzler but beware. Only a true artist can transform the most ostentatious materials into works of art.

Now – Feb 1, 2013

Project One
251 Rhode Island St.
San Francisco, CA


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