Artist Spotlight: Kelly Tunstall

Kelly Tunstall Cao Studio Cameo 3D Print

Cameo 3D Print, by: Kelly Tunstall

Kelly Tunstall Installation at Betty Lin Boutique 2011

Installation at Betty Lin Boutique, by: Kelly Tunstall

By: Aleksandra Bulatskaya

When she was a little girl, Kelly Tunstall used old issues of Vogue to make 3D paper clothes for her paper dolls. Now, she makes installations, illustrations and artworks for some of San Francisco trendiest restaurants, galleries and boutiques.

You can find her pieces hanging on the walls of Bar Crudo and the Marina neighborhood pasta heaven – A16. Tunstall specializes in mixed media, illustration, installations, multimedia, and jewelry design and represents half of the artistic duo KeFe, that she founded with her husband and fellow San Francisco artist, Ferris Plock.

When she was still a student in college, NEMO Design of Portland hired her as a designer. While with NEMO,  she explored the commercial side of art, creating designs and creative marketing campaigns for global brands. But her love of art soon drew her away from agency life.

Kelly Tunstall The Secret State 111 Minna Gallery SF

The Secret State, by: Kelly Tunstall

Enrolling in the California Institute of the Arts and Crafts in San Francisco, Tunstall developed her distinct abstract and mixed style. Her work is a reflection of Pop Art and abstract ideas, evident in depictions of cartoon-like figurines that spew dark matter and mysterious shapes from their body parts. Many of her pieces are completed in collaboration with her husband, such as the  2009 Elements exhibition.

Tunstall proudly admits to having no specific style or artistic direction. On many occasions, she goes in search of her materials first. It’s only when she finds elements that inspire her, that her work begins.

It’s a fitting workflow for an artist, who as a little girl would peek through the pages of Vogue, waiting for the perfect outfit to catch her attention.

To learn more about Kelly Tunstall’s work visit:


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