Arts & Events: Peralta Junction Pop-up


Photo by: Jesse Roadkill Wilson

By: Aleksandra Bulatskaya

There are times when the most outlandish experiences inspire the most visionary art. This may be the case when you step to the Rickshaw ticket booth at the Peralta Junction Pop-up this weekend in West Oakland.

The Junction is a living multimedia, performance and art instillation with daily concerts, shows and events.

“We’ve conjured up a magical creative space,” said Leslie Pritchett of Commonplace Productions, one of the Junction’s creators.

Inside, visitors can partake in vintage carnival games, provided by M.T. Pockets Traveling Midway of Curiosities and enjoy live music and performances by Another Roadside Attractions.

Originally, the project was an abandoned lot at the junction of Mandela Parkway and West Grand Avenue in West Oakland.

That was until Commonplace Productions, a design and build collective, and One Hat One Hand re-imagined it as a local art, design and performance space. Soon Oakland’s tight-knit art community came together to help the space come to life.

A city known its grit, Oakland is one of the most artistically supportive cities in the Bay Area and this project is another testament to that dedication.

Where: West Oakland, at Mandela Parkway and West Grand Avenue

When: Through December 15


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