Arts & Events: Sylvie Fluery at Salon 94

By: Aleksandra Bulatskaya

Sophisticated Boom Boom, by: Sylvie Fluery

Gold plated porcelain tire, by: Sylvie Fluery

For the first time in over ten years, prolific Post Appropriationist Swedish artist, Sylvie Fluery is showing an introspective of her work along with a new collection, titled “It Might as Well Rain Until September” at Salon 94 in the Bowery, from March 4 – April 28.

Fluery is best known for installations and mixed media works that reflect on the consumerism of Western culture and feminist interpretations of works painted by white male artists. The new series of paintings titled, “Go Bust” part of the upcoming Salon 94 exhibition, feature hard horizontal and cubic shapes with soft ovals and feminine openings painted into them.

Working within the context of male works while transforming them is not a feminist protest protest for her, as much as it is a vision of other artists works in a different context.

The same can be said for her well-known works that critique commercialism, materialism and the fetishism of feminine fashions and beauty, the best of which will be featured at the exhibition. Some of the most interesting works are the candy pink neon signs that shout ad taglines like, “Be Amazing” and “Moisturizing is the Answer,” bathing the room in a pink glow.

While she currently lives in Geneva, where she was born in 1961 Fluery had a brief love affair with New York in the early eighties. Like many young artists before her, she took in New York’s art and club scene. She returned to Geneva a few years later to become one of the most respected figures in Geneva’s artistic underground.

Some artists come to New York to find themselves, for Fluery it seems the opposite was true as she returns a key figure in the European contemporary arts.

For more information about the exhibition visit:

Salon 94
243 Bowery Street
New York, NY

March 4 – April 28, 2013